Volunteer Opportunities

Our volunteer opportunities offer meaningful ways to engage in service to others, including driver or visitor for Meals on Wheels. If you have a couple of hours a month and would like to help with Meals on Wheels, programming, or administrative tasks at one of our Senior Centers, call the Turtle Creek Center at (412) 824-6880 and a staff member will explain the application process to you.

Every day, Meals on Wheels volunteers deliver one million meals and smiles to seniors in need across the country.Beyond providing nutrition, delivering a meal also provides a moment of human connection that nourishes both the senior and the volunteer. For many seniors, the volunteer may be the only person they will see that day. According to a survey of current Meals on Wheels volunteers, more than 75 percent are over the age of 55, and the average age of volunteers is 62, making it critical to recruit additional volunteers to keep the wheels rolling for future generations.

Our Partners

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